Summer Florals and Sunlight

Jul 29, 2015

Flowers! From paint on palette that I can't bear to wash away.

Drying coreopsis to dye wool 

Thomas Farm Organic flowers, local grocery store - one bouquet divided into five smaller ones. 

Ah, the summer daylight hours are amazing: more time to garden, cook, paint! And, my body takes well to cold smoothies.

Coconut Summer Stone Berry Fruit Smoothie
1 cup coconut milk
Handful of blackberries 
Flesh of two peaches, skin and all
Healthy spoon of coconut butter
1 tablespoon whole flaxseed
Some chia seeds 

Moses' face painted from a beet I was eating. He looks good in pink, yeah? I've finally gotten around to painting swatches from my Sennelier watercolors. 

Summer in Full Swing

Jun 30, 2015

Maven the pup hanging out with Arnica. Plumas National Forest.
Pouring honey over aralia root
Pretty face - common name. Plumas National Forest.
Passiflora jamesonii, picked off the bike path. The Land of El Cerrito.
California Bay Laurel 
Red Clover
Painting for someone else is one of my best motivators.

Some photos from my recent trip to Lakes Basin, near Tahoe, with my classmates. 

My summer has been wonderful! How's yours goin'? It's supposed to be 85 degrees F today! I'm starting my day off earlier since it sucks to bike when the sun beats down.

Thank You Card, Rose Hips, and HEY Fused Shiitake Mushroom

May 20, 2015

Based off Kate Beetle's illustration of calendula 

Rose hips! Vitamin C yum.

Hah, what a weirdo. YUM again.

I love artists who work with traditional media, particularly transparent watercolor. The illustrations of Kate Beetle and Ginny Joyner caught my eye years back, and you might recognize their work, too. They both do freelance custom illustrations for the Badger Balm company. They created all of those fun images of badgers picking flowers and beekeeping. Next time you spot Badger products at your local store, look carefully to appreciate the wonderful illustrations!

I was lucky enough to receive the latest Badger Balm calendar (you can get a copy here, they’re on sale!) because the company kindly mailed one to me after I wrote them a love e-mail. They’re one of the few body care product companies that has upstanding values in the environment, labor rights, and safe non-toxic products. Grade A, badass, and a real gem. And they’ve grown pretty big, good for them. Let’s hope they won’t ever be bought by a big soul-less company (cough Burt’s Bees cough).

Oh yeah, so back to illustrations with traditional media. My doodles above are largely inspired by the women artists who work for Badger Balm. If any of you own the latest calendar, you’ll recognize this as an amateur version of some of Kate Beetle’s work!

Annnd, I just wanted to share this funny shiitake mushroom that appeared to have two stems from one head. It was delicious. 
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